ZERO Closing Cost Loans

Don’t pay expensive closing costs!

NO POINTS, NO FEES, NO THIRD PARTY COSTS, NOTHING IS ROLLED, NO APPRAISAL FEE, NO LENDER FEES! It is that simple! Here at The Newfinity Group we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend money to save money.

We make it as simple as possible for our clients.

  • Never once will you as a client pay The Newfinity Group any money during the loan process.

  • Your financing terms will never change from what we reviewed with you from the start.

  • No prepayment penalty

  • We’re only a call away to get you started TODAY!


Zero closing cost mortgage

  • The lender pays full origination fees to broker which means ZERO points to you!

  • ALL of your closing cost FEES are covered from a lender credit

  • We can even refund you the Appraisal Fee.

Let us answer some common questions clients have about the zero cost loan program.

Q: If I don’t pay any points for my loan, then how does The Newfinity Group get paid?
A: As a broker, we are paid directly from the lender for our origination fee, not the client.

Q: Are the closing costs absorbed by the mortgage amount?
A: Not at all. Your loan amount is exactly what you want it to be and not a dollar more. A portion of what the lender pays to the broker is given to you at settlement as credit to pay for all costs associated with the loan.

*Zero Cost Loan Qualification: To qualify for a zero cost loan, the loan amount must be over $250,000. Additional restrictions may apply.

ZERO Closing Cost Loans

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